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riskHive KRI

A cloud software service that monitors live business-critical information to feed a user-configurable dashboard of internal and external KRI statuses.


These KRI states can be linked directly to the riskHive ERM system as inputs to risk causes that can automatically trigger occurrence detection, issues and responses, or can be supplied to other extant corporate data dashboards.


riskHive KRI can track multiple live data feeds like financial rates, income, share prices, commodity values, weather, tweets or trends and also keywords relating to relevant information provided by news sites or social media. 


Individual data feeds can be homogenised and have thresholds described such that alerts, alarms and actions can be initiated if the data feed reaches certain predetermined conditions or breaches preset thresholds. These states can be aggregated into logical conditions where multiple conditions may be required to trigger a response or alert, such as a combination of performance, fiscal and political conditions that may indicate a risk condition is occurring.


This functionality can also be configured to monitor for opportunistic states, providing a capability to identify and take advantage of optimal situations such as financial rates, market changes or political or socio-economic states.