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Our Story...

Founded in 1999, riskHive provide innovative software, training & consulting solutions to help companies manage risks and uncertainty across their businesses.

Founded by one of the creators of the first ERM tool (Active Risk Manager, 1995) and the technical architect of one of the leading analytical risk tools of the time, riskHive was born out of a philosophy that risk tools should be much more accessible and easier to use to be able to deliver value to a wider, more global audience.

Twenty five years after that first enterprise risk tool was delivered using forms on an intranet (the internet had only just been invented and browsers were rudimentary) the risk landscape has evolved enormously and we are proud to still be at the forefront of risk practices and technology, delivering to a truly global customer base with riskHive software application users on five continents from New Zealand to the Americas.

riskHive - a trusted name in global risk for over 20 years.